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A Guide To Choosing Your Brisbane Doula

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many, but also a fearful journey for those who have had traumatic birthing experiences in the past. Are you filled with fear? Does your partner feel concerned about how this experience will end up?

You are not on your own. I think we have normalised bad birth experience because everyone’s having babies, and people all have some kind of negative experience to share, but it is The. Worst. Thing. Birth can be so torturous. You can feel totally controlled by the health system. What if I were to tell you a doula is what got my clients through the tough times? Here’s everything you need to know about Brisbane doulas.(or doulas in general in Australia)

The Answer May Be Hiring A Doula in Brisbane…

My client Zoe is open and honest with me, sharing the ebbs and flows of her pregnancy journey with a vulnerability that only makes her more loveable. In today’s social-media-soaked society, such gems are few and far between. “I think it’s a real injustice and it’s a real shame for people to have a platform and to be selling an illusion. There is something so beautiful about raw vulnerability and honesty. They are the people that I resonate with, they are the people I connect with. And I think there’s something so beautiful about leaning into that.

A Brisbane mother Nikii says, “Having experienced all with my 3 births, from completely non educated, trusting the system and no continuity of care, resulting in C-section to fully educated, self empowered, supported with continuity of care and having a VBA2C, having that support from a doula is incredibly important.”

Callie says, “Doula 100% matters! Women want to be listened to and respected, which is something that rarely happens when birthing alone in a hospital, even with a birth plan. Unnecessary intervention and coercion are common practice from doctors. Why is it that 1 in 3 woman suffer from postnatal trauma and depression?”

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What is a Doula?

Doula is a Greek word that came to mean “woman’s servant”. Traditionally, a doula was a woman offering non-medical support and information to other women and their partners during birth and the post natal period. Doula is a support and information bank for anyone navigating their way through different stages of life – not just the first breath but also the last i.e. there are Birth and End Of Life Doulas offering support and information throughout all life’s transitions.

Doula believes in the process and journey and the impact it leaves on the family:

  • Your Brisbane doula is a great listener
  • Respectful
  • Does not impose their own thoughts and beliefs
  • Trusts the clients instincts
  • Acknowledges the power and impact of life’s transitions 
  • Works with the family and significant others as valued team members 
  • Works along side medical professionals 
  • Understands these processes are not theirs 
  • Offers continuous, or as required, non judgmental support 

What kind of training do doulas have?

Doulas go through base training from Australian Doula College and work towards their certification. Having a Doula will assist you in creating your ideal birthing experience, at home or in hospital. There are also a lot of continuing education opportunities such as infant feeding specialists, twins & multiples, newborn sleep education and more. Care begins with pre-natal sessions (starting any trimester), and continues throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. At your in-home sessions you will learn stretches and breathing for birth, watch informative and inspirational videos, plus so much more. Doula is knowledgeable in comfort measures such as relaxation breathing, massage and positioning, managing labour sensations using water, hot packs and aromas.

A doula, by no means, replaces a private midwife or OBGYN doctor. Your health care provider focuses on medical safety, whereas your doula is there to keep you calm & comfortable.

So… What is the main benefits of hiring a birth doula?

An experienced doula can improve your pregnancy and labour experience by providing guidance through this unfamiliar time. Providing information and next steps make a huge difference for many couples. Our job is to keep you informed of all your options so that you can make informed choices as to what feels best for you.

Birth packages typically start from $2000 which include prenatal classes, group chat, birth support (virtual or in person) and can also include postpartum. 

So overall the main benefit is helping you and your partner feel more prepared and support for this journey.

Will a doula be there for my birth?

Educating for every birth scenario is something doulas do. Birth is unpredictable and it’s important to be prepared for every scenario. Brisbane doulas can support ALL births and they can accompany you to the hospital if needed. For planned Caesarian sections, prenatal classes can be customised and geared towards C-Section Education. Your doula is available for all your questions or concerns and your birth doula can be with you virtually or in-person in the operating room to provide emotional support as well as explaining the process as it is happening.

Should you use a doula, midwife, or both?

Every new parent needs a helping hand. A doula will support you in your decision to use medications or have a “natural” or unmedicated birth. They can also support home births. They are there to help you feel safe and empowered.

Midwives on the other hand are trained medical professional. Often, midwives promote unmedicated birth, but they will prescribe and support people who desire pharmacologic pain relief in labour as well. Midwives are trained to detect complications and use emergency measures when needed. 

Certified Nurse Midwives most commonly work in hospitals, but can also work in health clinics, birth centres, and the home.

Nurse-Midwives can do many of the same things as doctors, including:

  • perform annual wellness exams
  • perform gynecological exams
  • provide prenatal care
  • prescribe medications
  • give labor-inducing drugs
  • monitor the fetus using electronic equipment
  • order pain medications during labor
  • order an epidural
  • perform an episiotomy
  • deliver a baby vaginally
  • assist with cesarean sections
  • resuscitate a baby
  • stitch tears

Postpartum doula Brisbane

After birth, a postpartum Brisbane doula helps new mums as they recover from the birthing process. This can include caring for the infant and providing lactation support. Doulas can also play an important role in your home life, especially if there are older siblings in the home.

Hypnobirthing Brisbane Doula

Hypnobirthing is about empowering you with knowledge, skills and confidence to help you navigate your birth experience. It’s getting to know your mind and body and understanding the beautiful part you and your birth partner have to play in your baby’s birth experience.

Hypnobirthing is so much more than birth education, or your standard antenatal classes. It’s about helping you achieve your hopes and dreams for your birth, regardless of what course your labour may take. It’s about providing a safe space to replace any fears of birth with confidence, not just for you, but for your birthing partner too.

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“I wish I knew/ understood more about birth or postpartum…”

Client Gabriella said, “As a first time parent, many would splurge on baby things such as clothes, swings, bouncers… Most of the items that first time families have on their registry don’t set them up for success. Babies don’t need much clothing in the beginning. Babies also have a tendency to want to be held – and for many babies they don’t want to spend much time in swings or bouncers. A lot of the products become under-used. Investing in services such as registered massage therapy, food services, cleaners, dog walkers, doulas, photographers could make the transition to parenthood so much smoother. Everyone should prepare for their birth like they would prepare for their weddings”

Everyone should prepare for their birth like they would prepare for their weddings

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All the information above in no way represents Hikari Lifestyle Photography. We collected opinion from past clients and and friends who have been there before. Please consult your health professional and make informed decisions for yourself.

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