first time mum in nothing fits but kiko dress nursing newborn baby at home during newborn photos in brisbane

Studio, Home or Outdoor Newborn Session? Brisbane Southside Newborn Photography

So you’ve decided to have your precious new baby photographed. Yay! Hikari Lifestyle Photography offers Newborn Photography in Brisbane Southside at your home, in studio or in the great outdoors. So where is the best location for you? We have put together a pros and cons list for each, to hopefully make the decision a little easier for you!

In-home session: mobile newborn photography Brisbane Southside


  • Not having to get everyone ready and into the car to go somewhere
  • keeping everyone a little more relaxed, and in an environment they are used to (especially if there are toddler siblings)
  • Your dogs/ cats are 100% welcomed to join in the photos
  • Capturing what your family is like at this point in time (ie. the cot your baby first lived in, the nursery you spent lots of time decorating)


  • You must de-clutter and tidy up before the shoot. This may be a big job for some parents first few weeks post-partum
  • Homes that do not have plentiful natural light are not ideal for in-home photography. There must be some natural light coming into the rooms as below


Newborn Photography Brisbane Southside

Our Sunnybank Newborn Studio: Brisbane South


  • For those wanting a bit of a cleaner/minimalist/traditional style to their family images
  • If your home is on the darker side, and/or you don’t want to tidy up for a shoot
  • Sessions at anytime of day, as the lighting in the studio is always consistent, and not effected by weather


Our home studio is not pet friendly.



Outdoor Newborn Photography in South Brisbane

If you love my signature flower field, Spring blossoms, golden hour portraits – nothing should stop you from booking an outdoor newborn session!


  • Great for older babies (14 days and older)
  • You can bring your dogs, and cats if you are confident
  • Those really loving Hikari’s outdoor family sessions


  • It could be chilly and windy outdoors, like this outdoor newborn session below done at Shorncliffe Pier the baby was cold
  • Photoshoots may be postponed in the event of inclement weather
  • Babies with sensitive immune systems, or feeding schedules


There are lots of places that would be suitable for newborn photos in Brisbane – it really depends on your preference for flower fields or lush greenery!

Ready to book your newborn session with us? Let’s have some fun together at your maternity photoshoot !



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