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Hi, I'm isabelle

o happy you are here! I'm Issy! The things you need to know about me are few. Know that I love meeting new people, love kids, know that I have the patience of a saint, and that I will make you feel like the most beautiful queen you are throughout the entire experience. 

My photography style is light and love-filled like a real life fairytale. Those Insta-worthy images you dreamed of are possible, with YOU and your loved ones in them. Let me take you on an adventure to a dreamy flower field or a beachscape and tell your love story. I want to help you document this memory in the most unique way and befriends with you along your journey!!


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My background story

o I started doing portrait photography since I was 15 (don't be deceived by my Asian genes -that's over a decade ago!), working as a 2nd shooter for my uncle's wedding photography business. I've always been a daydreamer, a firm believer of chasing my own dreams; I wanted to capture something more intimate than a day's event. My deep rooted desire to capture memories was set ablaze when my dearest furbaby Chibi fell critically ill.

They say "the days are long but the years are short"; I started working full time ever since I got Chibi and spent most of my days working long hours in the hospital on top of managing my photography business as a solopreneur. When people ask me what my dog looks like, I realised that my phone was filled with photos of work (mainly bloody body parts), clients' photographs, and hardly any photos of her. We had no photos of us together at all. I realised how important it is to capture the little moments of your pet/ your child's life that just fill your heart with joy.

Here, you might think a dog isn't as significant. But Chibi was like a child to me. I learned the value of being able to have memories - like a couples session or a family session - frozen in time for me to look back on. These are not just photos of a dog, they are nostalgic memories that reminded me of the little moments we shared. Moments of the way she wags her tail in a 360 motion when we come home from work. Moments of the way she looks at us begging for food when we are eating. Moments when she pressed her doggy bell to be let out to potty. Moments so trivial yet powerful that it brings me back all the memories of her.  

"If you don't think photos are important wait until they are all you have left."  

I love highlighting the best in people and help them tell their stories. Gifting my clients the ability to freeze the best of times fills my heart with so much joy. I guess you could say it's my super power! 


A Look into my


  • cute old couple holding hands
  • a dog jumping all over me
  • baby chuckling - oh that's music to my ears
  • babies grabbing their own feet
  • toddlers pronouncing big words
  • home-made food
  • blossom petals casually landing in my car
  • old world things, e.g. a gorgeous French Provincial chair from the 1800's
  • French patisserie!

things that make me smile

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