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When it comes to photoshoots, outfits isn’t the only thing that will impact on the end result – your hair is SUPER important too! I get it, you want to go to a Brisbane Korean Hair Salon, but what if I were to tell you I have an easier option for you?

For lifestyle photoshoots, I recommend having your hair down. Curled or straight- up to you. But curling your hair (particularly if you are asian) will give off a romantic, motherly look. If we are going to the beach, hair up half down is the way to go, as it can be windy.

How to Feel Confident About Your Hair For Photoshoots and Events

You may be tempted to cut corners by having your hair day at a regular hair salon. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, if you want to feel as confident as you absolutely can, the best option would be to hire a professional specially for events and photoshoots. A Korean hair salon in Brisbane typically charges $40-60 for curls, and you often have to bribe your husband to look after the kid(s) while you guiltily leave the house to go to the salon.

When you hire Amy, she will come to your house, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Stylists can also be trusted on maintenance; if they tell you how to take care of the hair, make sure to follow their directions exactly. Certain stylists will have more experience with certain types of hair; being Asian herself, Amy has extensive experience with Asian hair. She used to work at a Korean Hair Salon Brisbane.

Tips for looking great in your photos:

Start taking care of your skin and hair now!

Long before you get it styled you need to make sure you’re preparing your hair to look nice. You can’t show up the day before and expect the stylist to fix everything wrong with it! Make their job exceedingly easier and ensure that you will look good weeks (if not months) in advance. How? By making sure the products and techniques you use will not gradually destroy your hair. Your hair care products should be sulfate free to avoid damage. You research what chemicals are good/bad for your hair type and then shop accordingly. If you want to be able to look back on photos with a clear conscience, it may be a sacrifice worth making.

This may be obvious, but washing your face and moisturising every day can make a difference Then you can add in facials and other elements to really give yourself an amazing healthy glow. As you take care of your skin you will see a positive difference that will come through in all your photos.

One thing I recommend against is fake tanning before photoshoots. Tanning products give an unnatural orange tone to your skin, and it does not go with the light and airy photography style. My photography style is all about beautiful glowing skin, and tanning products kill that.

Hikari Lifestyle Photography partners up with makeup artist Amy Chan. Amy does exclusive discounts to Hikari’s clients.

Choose an amazing photographer

Every photographer has a specialty, and you want to choose a family (including maternity and newborn) photographer who can take amazing photos. Look through the work of many photographers early and make sure that you choose one with a style that matches your aesthetic.

Your family photos will be an amazing heirloom that will remind you of your motherhood journey. In my art world, it is possible to look like a goddess with your kiddos. My photos are not some unattainable fairytale. They are women who are real, who want an artistic representation of who they are as mothers, girlfriends, wives. It is through beautiful styling before our photoshoot that I wish to honour the love, strength and beauty that illustrate our individual journey as parents (to babies and furbabies alike).

Korean Hair Salon in Brisbane

Aura J hair is owned by a wonderful, down to earth young Korean couple in Heathwood. This Korean Hair Salon Brisbane also offer eyelash extension! 0452 245 987

Atto Hair Studio is a Korean hair salon in Brisbane – Market Square Sunnybank. Their ambiance and technology is super flashy and Kim is a highly recommended hairdresser

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