korean girl having maternity photoshoot in new farm rose garden with hikari brisbane maternity photographer

How to Choose Your Brisbane Maternity Photographer

You’re flooded with options. I get it. But when it comes to choosing the right photographer I want to give you some honest tips and advice. I am a Brisbane Maternity Photographer and I’ve been in this industry for a decade; I know what makes or breaks a maternity photoshoot experience. So here are a few tips on how to pick your photographer, the right dress, the locations and extra things to elevate your photoshoot experience!

How to Pick Your Brisbane Maternity Photographer

  1. You must love their aesthetic. There is nothing worse than paying for photos you don’t love. Light and airy, dark and moody, vibrant and bold – each to their own – it’s important to consider your home decor as well to see what photography style goes best, as these are memories that you’d want to treasure and hang on your walls at home in the years to come.
  2. Does the photographer have a client wardrobe? You will most likely wear your maternity gown once only. You can’t go wrong picking a photographer who has a wardrobe full of different styles of maternity gown.
  3. Read their Google Reviews. You can tell how much experience a photographer has just by reading their reviews. These are reviews by REAL people who wouldn’t lie; Google is very smart it filters out spammy reviews that do not seem authentic.
  4. Mini sessions are a great way to test out a photographer! They are cheaper and quicker; maternity sessions often only require 20 minutes for an experienced photographer.

Don’t cheap out on this once in a lifetime investment

  1. You get what you pay for; a photographer offering $150 sessions could make you feel absolutely awkward and awful during a shoot. Experienced shooters will be familiar with the most flattering angles for your pregnant body, and know how to focus on your belly while deemphasizing other (also expanding!) body parts, like your hips, arms and legs. $150 photogs definitely won’t have an extensive wardrobe for you, and you are probably going to hate the photos so much you don’t even want to look at them again (true story from a client of mine!)
Reclamation gown open me ruffle dress for hire in brisbane for maternity photoshoot
The Reclamation Gown Company Open Me Ruffle Dress. Sizes 8-12

What to wear for maternity photoshoot

Why pay for a dress $200-300 that you will only wear once for a photoshoot when you can borrow one from your maternity photographer? I am a Brisbane Maternity Photographer with over 50+ romantic, flowy dresses for mums to borrow at NO extra charge.

Need A Dress For Your Photoshoot?

Many expectant mothers express insecurities about stepping in front of a camera during pregnancy; choosing the right dress for your maternity photoshoot is going to make you feel 200% more confident. Brands such as Maive & Bo, Coven & Co, Hazel & Folk, Reclamation Gown, Nothing Fits But all have beautiful maternity dresses that will make you feel like a QUEEN. And we have them all in our client closet!

couple having maternity photos taken in rose garden in brisbane light and airy style film photography
Nothing Fits But Kiko Dress available in 5 colours and patterns in Hikari’s client wardrobe. Sizes S, M, L available

How to choose the maternity dress for your bump session

  • Say yes to the dress!
  • Pick a flowy dress. A beautiful flowy dress will make the photos look fluid and natural rather than stiff and boring. A flowy dress adds to the feminine look
  • Neutral colours work best with Mother Nature’s palette
  • Off shoulder dresses are especially beautiful
  • Don’t be afraid of trying new things – I always tell clients, “You just don’t know how it looks like until you actually try it on”
  • Don’t be afraid of trains – trains resemble wedding dresses; they are a timeless style that will make you look like a GODDESS
  • Less is more; if you want a classy look a simple dress is definitely more timeless than a big fluffy dress that sometimes makes ladies look like birds

Pricing on Maternity Photoshoot

Let me ask you, Is growing a new life less worthy of celebration than your wedding? Or your engagement? I think not. 

Maternity photoshoot is to help you remember the amazing transformation your body went through, how amazing it is and what it is capable of. Pregnancy is one of the most special and meaningful times in our lives, and it goes by in a flash. 

It’s not vain, it’s documenting life. These are photographic evidence of your love for your baby even before you had laid eyes on them

Don’t let the voices lie to you about how maternity shoots are not worth it. Or the voices warning about the cankles, or the baby fat you’ve put on. 
Document now, so you’ll have no regrets later. 

Maternity photoshoots are typically $600-1000 within Brisbane. You may get discounts with newborn package too.

old couple during maternity photoshoot celebrating successful Brisbane IVF story in Shorncliffe pier Sandgate.
“39 and expecting our first child. Pregnancy didn’t come easy for me. After trying for 5.5years — daily injections, hormone drugs, egg collection, weekly scans – my emotions were all over the place. Getting up and going to work somedays just felt like the biggest struggle. I also stopped going to people’s baby showers and kids’ parties as it always made me feel so awful afterwards. This may be the first and last child I’ll ever have and I wanted to capture this memory with my husband. I want to focus on the new life my body is working so hard to create. The photographs will help remind me of the joy and hardship that come with bringing this child into the world.” Nicole (mother). Nicole was wearing Maive & Bo’s wanderer dress in white lace.
indian couple walking under cherry blossoms in brisbane having maternity photos taken during spring time.
Despite the tough times of being in the final year of medical school, Chiemi has such a positive outlook on life, on this pregnancy. Unclear what the future holds for her, her fearlessness deeply moved me. She wants to tell her baby that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
These pixel evidence demonstrated that motherhood is the ability to multitask between career, pregnancy and putting your child’s needs before your own selflessly. One day they can share these photos with their daughter to give her a glimpse into their life before she was born, and how much they were looking forward to meeting her. Chiemi is wearing Making Magic Gown by Reclamation Company rented from mama rentals.

Mama Rentals Maternity dress Hire

Mama rentals offers a wide range of luxury, one of a kind maternity dress. Chiemi’s dress: Making Magic Reclamation Gown from Mama Rentals as pictured above

Family, kids, babies pregnancy photoshoot session

portrait of baby bump pregnancy shoot in rocks riverside park in seventeen mile rocks playground
Emily couldn’t have her maternity photoshoot done due to COVID restrictions when she was pregnant with her first child. This could be her last pregnancy, and she really wanted to document these pregnant memories whilst she could.

Maternity photoshoot with dog

Dogs are always welcomed into my photography sessions – big or small dog(s)!

Tips for choosing your Pregnancy Photographer

Outdoor or Studio maternity photos?

fine art photograph of mum holding baby bump and Chamomile flowers during maternity session in brisbane studio
Hikari Lifestyle Photography also offers studio painted backdrop sessions! This can be studio or in-home session if your house has plentiful natural light

We don’t just offer outdoor maternity sessions, indoor maternity sessions are just as, if not, more beautiful. Our approach to indoor maternity session is a fine art style. The backdrops are all hand-painted to suit your skin tone, outfit and your liking. These are one of a kind fine art photography exclusive to Hikari Lifestyle Photography i.e. you will not find another Brisbane maternity photographer offering the same thing! Our studio is located in Sunnybank, Brisbane.

Best Time To Hire Your Brisbane Maternity Photographer

Maternity sessions are typically done at 28-35 weeks. In saying that, some ladies show early, so there really is no hard rule. As long as you are feeling comfortable any time is fine by me!

Clare wore two different dresses for the two different locations in Brisbane that she had her sessions in. Isadora Tulle Gown and Co & Ry’s Harriet Dress.

Things to Bring to Your Maternity Session

I would recommend the following as they tell stories and give meaning to this journey you are going through: 

  • A printed sonograph
  • manicured hands (if that matters to you; your hands will be in the shots)
  • rings
  • baby romper or baby booties
  • tonnes of confidence

Maternity & Newborn Package Brisbane

Can this photographer you’re eyeing on also do your newborn portraits? I offer 20% discount when clients book maternity & newborn session together. Alternatively join my membership for instant $500 off! (Please enquire within) You’re going to spend time screening a photographer, and presumably establishing a level of trust, so it makes sense to find someone you can use again. Here are a few bump-to-bub clients we have had over the years:

Mia’s bump to bub journey

Chiemi’s bump to bub journey

Hope that helps!



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