couple walking in jacaranda blossoms with golden retrievers in Brisbane UQ

UQ jacaranda: Brisbane’s Top Jacaranda Hotspot

Steph and her partner Dave recently got two golden retriever puppies and they mean the world to them. They wanted to do a photoshoot to document this special moment in their lives with their puppies in the UQ Jacaranda blossoms.

“It’s been a dream to have photos taken in the purple blossoms. We have always adored these but never had a good reason to get photos together. But now we do!” said Steph. She was so excited for this photoshoot with her loves, and she knew exactly where she wanted to hang the photos at home.

Couple hugging under rows of jacaranda trees with pet dogs in Brisbane UQ campus

As the afternoon sunlight filtered through rows upon rows of jacaranda trees, purple blossoms adorning branches that reached for the sky as far as the eye could see. The mid-Spring air was cozy, carrying with its gentle breeze the barest hint of summer with the faint fragrance of jacaranda blossoms. It is no doubt the most beautiful time of the year in Brisbane!

Where are the UQ jacarandas?

Jacarandas are scattered everywhere in the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus. The most picturesque of all is at UQ Lakes where there’s a row of trees along the bikeway and that gorgeous afternoon golden light scatter

couple having anniversary photoshoot with golden retriever pets in jacaranda blossoms

When do jacarandas bloom in Brisbane?

Each year is slightly different. In 2021 it started late September. At time of writing (30/9/22) so far I am just starting to see the flowers appear – I would give it another 1-2 weeks. They usually last for about 4 weeks.

couple candid posing with pet dogs in jacaranda season in Brisbane, QLD
Couple snuggling up with golden retriever having photoshoot done by hikari uq jacaranda engagement photographer

History behind UQ jacaranda

While the Jacaranda is native to Central and South America they grow exceptionally well in Brisbane and many other Australian states. They have sure become a favourite among residents, visitors, garden lovers and photographers.

couple walking pet dogs in jacarandas at uq st lucia campus brisbane

Many of the trees growing in Brisbane today are descendants from the first Jacaranda planted in the City Botanic Gardens by then Garden Superintendent, Walter Hill in 1864. Historical records state that a collection of seeds and plants arrived on wheat ships returning from South America and Hill planted these throughout the garden to see what would grow best in Brisbane’s climate. The Jacaranda trees survived, grew and blossomed in the City Botanic Gardens. We are so blessed with the flowering beauty of the seeds of these ancestor trees every Spring in October.

couple looking out into uq lakes with golden retriever by their side during jacaranda season

If you love jacarandas as much as I do I have done all the research for you so you know where to find them! The best jacaranda spots in Brisbane

It’s not too late to book in a session with me in the jacarandas! I offer seasonal mini sessions (starting from $350) – please enquire using our website.



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