mum playing with 3 month old baby girl in jacaranda blooms in new farm

Why New Farm Park Jacaranda is perfect for family pictures

You can’t miss one of the oldest and largest collection of jacarandas in Brisbane: New Farm Park Jacaranda. Only 10 minutes away from Brisbane city, New Farm park turns into a purple wonderland during the jacaranda season.

1. New farm Park is easy to get to & lots of ameneties

Brisbane has lots of wonderful locations to have a fun family photo session. We really are spoiled with choices! The reason New Farm park is one of my favourites is because it’s super close to the city, only 10 minutes away. There’s ample parking around the park itself. So many beautiful kid friendly cafes nearby as well, such as Double Shot. A photoshoot followed by a nice relaxing cafe – what a perfect way to spend Saturday!

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2. Not just jacarandas in New Farm Park, there are roses too!

If you have been following my work for a while you would know I am obsessed with flowers. Clients have told me I am the queen of flower field portraits in Brisbane.

New Farm Park’s rose garden holds 2,500 roses of different varieties and colours. They were first planted in 1914, and to everyone’s surprise they withstood the Sunshine State’s floods, humidity and extreme heat over the century. They really make the perfect backdrop for portrait photos!

New Farm Park is right next to The Powerhouse which in itself is a cool photography backdrop. I love this little spot below The Powerhouse it’s my go to!

Couple in wedding attire kissing in rose garden in new farm during golden hour.
We only shoot in golden hours as that’s when the sunlight is softest without casting harsh shadows across the faces. For this reason we only book early morning sessions at New Farm to avoid the crowd as well.

3. It’s 100% dog friendly!

There is a dog park right next to the Powerhouse. Often there are doggy meet ups there! We have been to a few corgi meet ups in New Farm Dog Park. Such an awesome sight to see with doggies running under the New Farm Park jacaranda blossoms!

When is the best time to shoot in New Farm Park jacaranda?

These bloom around mid-October, though in 2021 it was early October and they last for about 4 weeks.

I would highly recommend to book an early morning session rather than in afternoon because it gets super crowded here during the day and it’s almost impossible to find a park. 1 hour after sunrise is the best time.



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