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Baby ear piercing in Brisbane: What You Need To Know

As a motherhood photographer, I often get asked during newborn sessions where to get baby’s ears pierced. From gathering all the recommendations from other mums in the area, my number one choice for baby ear piercing in Brisbane would be Essential Beauty. To save you from Googling, take a look at this article why Essential Beauty makes the top of the list.

Why Essential Beauty: Brisbane baby ear piercing

They are great with kids.

The staff at Essential Beauty were so lovely and approachable. My 2yo niece was super scared initially but they offered her a sticker to open her up about Frozen (then she wouldn’t shut up), a comfort bear, and coaxed her into it. They made us feel calm and relaxed, not intimidating as one would think. They were very patient, taking their time to settle her in.

There were 2 staffs, one on each side, holding the gun to pierce at the same time. They hid the gun so well; double barrelled it was over before she knew it. This made the process quick and less painful for babies.

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They are knowledgeable and capable.

The ladies that served us was very quick with the whole process was calm and comfortable. My niece frowned a little as they touched her ears, but she didn’t scream. I think the anticipation was worse than the actual piercing itself. No complaint of pain after. The lady that helped us was very informative, and always served with a beautiful smile across her face. She provided us with the aftercare, the tips and tricks with keeping it clean and answered all our questions.

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Needless to say, one of the most important thing I look for ear piercing is hygiene and cleanliness. The store itself was immaculate. They sterilise all their equipments before and after the procedure.

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The prices are slightly higher than most places, however their professionalism and efficiency makes the price worth it. Their Sterilear System (gun) costs $54.95 and includes jewellery, a teddy bear, bravery certificate and $10 gift vouhcer for next time! I highly recommend mums going there.

They also offer piercings performed with needle but it costs a bit more.

There is a store in Browns Plains, Indooroopilly and Chermside. You simply book your appointment online.



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