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If you love dreamy flower fields as much as I do, then you must visit Elderflower Farm in Scenic Rim. Elderflower Farm is a family-owned boutique flower farm near Kalbar, where you can pick your own beautiful flowers and make a unique bouquet. It is only an hour away from Brisbane, meaning you can bring your kiddos and furbabies along too.

Elderflower Farm – Flower Lovers Dream

portrait of a young girl and dog by myrtle crepe flowers in elderflower farm.

Amy has always wanted to do a photoshoot with her 17-year-old puppy, Noodle.

Noodle’s tail wagged as she planted a gentle kiss on his curly head, though perhaps with less vigour than he would have in years past. Eyes clouded with age, he could no longer see his human’s kind eyes and beautiful face, or hear her voice softly calling his name, but the depth of their relationship and 17 years of unconditional love that grows between owner and loyal canine were imprinted on his heart. 

girl holding poodle in her arms in flower field at elderflower farm.
girl in puffy white dress kissing puppy dog with myrtle crepe flower field in brisbane.
Girl sitting next to farm style white picket fence in flowy dress in brisbane flower field.
senior poodle dog having pet photography portraits taken in brisbane.
pet portraits with owner in flower field in scenic rim near Brisbane.

Even without his sight and the rapid loss of his hearing, he recognised Amy’s tender touch. There’s something profoundly beautiful about this session – it is so much more than just plain romance of a girl and her puppy. Even knowing that our loved ones and our relationships will someday perish, getting to cross paths with them for however brief or lengthy a time and bask in the light of whom they are is a blessing that can never be taken away from us.

poodle breeder in Brisbane holding her puppy in a pet photoshoot location in Brisbane.

Amy, thank you for trusting me to capture this bittersweet season of life, for showing me what unconditional love looks like as you cherish Noodle through the twilight years of his life. 

Flower portrait photography is my passion and my forte

Flowers will always be a huge part of my photography because I love using flowers to accentuate every woman’s beauty. There is a saying that goes like, “Women are like flowers. They should be treated gently, kindly and with affection. With the right care they blossom.” In my art world that is exactly what I want to convey; every girl is gorgeous as flowers regardless of their age, skin colour or size. Having a photoshoot is an investment in yourself where you can freeze your deepest, most cherished memories of you and your loved ones. Let’s chat about how we can craft your dreamy portrait session in the flowers!

Flower Locations In Brisbane

If you do not wish to drive to Scenic Rim I have a list of other locations which may interest you:

Lavender Field in Brisbane

Roma Street Parkland

New Farm Rose Garden (coming soon…)

What Else Does Elderflower Farm Offer?

Bouquet making workshop

Flower picking is seasonal and not on every weekend. Follow them on Instagram where they update every Thursday whether it’s on!



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