family of three having professional photoshoot in adelaide amongst almond blossoms season in o'halloran hill.

Where To Find Best Almond Blossoms in Adelaide (Legally!)

Late July and early August is my favourite time of the year in South Australia thanks to the endless miles and miles of beautiful white almond blossoms. They pop up almost overnight and thankfully will last a few weeks, leaving you plenty of time to gather your cutest dresses and hit up some of the best almond blossoms Adelaide has for photos, or just a cute-sy vibey picnic.

young indian family in almond orchard in adelaide having family photos taken.

I have been going to the almond orchards for years so if you are looking for the best orchards to visit for photos, this guide is for you!

When Do Almond Blossoms Bloom in South Australia

This varies every year, but your best bet is the last week of July to mid-August. Southern regions tend to bloom earlier than Northern suburbs. Personally I think the best time to see them is the first week of August to get them when a few petals have fallen so the ground is lined with white, but the trees still have plenty of flowers.

husband hugging wife from behind having couples photos taken under almond blossoms in adelaide.
mummy and me having photoshoot in almond blossoms in south australia on mothers day.
father and daughter photoshoot in golden hour sunset under cherry blossoms in ohalloran hill.

Adelaide Almond Blossom Trail McLaren Vale

There is a published almond trees trail and apparently Basset Park off Richards Road is nice, but in my experience Willunga doesn’t have the best trees anymore. Many have been removed for housing development sadly. There is however, a beautiful park in McLaren Vale that has a couple of rows of almond trees there that’s very photogenic. The exact location is here!

mother dancing with daughter in white almond blossom orchard in adelaide.
candid family photograph of indian girl lying on mum under spring flowers tree in adelaide
family of three sitting on picnic mat under rows of almond trees in McLaren Vale in South Australia.

O’halloran Hill almond blossoms

This is one of my favourite locations to photograph. It is relatively close to the CBD, just about 20 minutes drive. There’s about 10 rows of trees over there. This was a perfect spot for family photos, as it’s completely free and legal to walk through. These trees are not owned by anyone as far as I know, so there is no need to worry about trespassing. I am a firm believer in staying within one’s boundaries and abide by the law when taking photographs in public areas, so you can be reassured that we won’t get in trouble photographing here.

light and airy, dreamy family photoshoot in almond blossoms in adelaide.

Willunga Almond Orchards: Papershell

Papershell farm is such a gorgeous farm in Willunga, South Australia. Almond orchards stretch as far as our eyes could see. You can do almond tasting there, or even book a stay at their lodge too. This isn’t a free location however, and it requires permission to enter and shoot there. But it is so worth it!

sweet family of three surrounded by flowers in adelaide during spring time.

Milne Road – Modbury

I pulled off on the side of the road to take photos on Milne Road. It is just from the roadside.

afternoon photoshoot in mclaren vale papershell farm among blossoming almond trees.

Penfield and Northern Suburbs

If you live in the north, you are in treat of the best Adelaide almond blossoms orchards. If you drive around Penfield, Munno Parra you will see a lot of private farms. Please be mindful they are PRIVATE. You should not be entering unless you know the owners of the land or at least ask first! There is nothing more annoying than trespassers. I have been fortunate enough to have a friend who owns an almond orchard and lets me photograph my clients there. If you’d like to book with me for a dreamy almond blossom photoshoot – please don’t wait – book now!

couple dancing in white and pink almond orchards in penfield north adelaide.

Best Almond Blossoms Adelaide

I hope this helps you have an amazing day in the Adelaide almond blossoms! If you have questions, drop them below. 

And if you know of more amazing farms or wineries to add to the list, please let me know! I always love a chit chat on my Instagram x



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