Cherry Blossom in Toowoomba: A dream-like maternity session

Ever dreamed of having a photo session with your loved one under the cherry blossoms? Well, look no further. Just under 2 hour drive from Brisbane, we have some magnificent cherry blossoms blooming in Toowoomba Japanese Gardens in Spring. If you are anything like me, you would love flowers in your family photos. I am so honoured to be Chiemi’s photographer and help her capture some maternity photos in the cherry blossoms in Toowoomba, QLD.

Indian couple in white having cherry blossom maternity session in golden hour with garden background
Despite their pre-shoot warning shot to me that they were awkward in front of the camera, the beauty of their relationship shone through as they trusted the simple prompts and guidance I offered.

Pregnancy can feel like an eternity; especially for expectant mothers, between growing pains and the clumsiness that comes from the changes to their bodies, pregnancy is both exciting and stressful. For Chiemi, the changes beyond the physical aspects were obvious – she glowed like the setting sun as we did this maternity session in Ju Raku En Japanese gardens in Toowoomba under the cherry blossoms.  

Couple interactive shot walking along rows of light and airy cherry blossom

Preparing for the maternity session

Knowing she would be swamped in her final year of med school and countless midwifery appointments and scans for nearing term, I wanted to make this maternity photoshoot experience absolutely stress free for her.

When she contacted me all I asked was “Where do you envision your dream maternity photoshoot to be?”
“I love cherry blossoms” Chiemi said. So, off to Japanese gardens I went to hunt for cherry blossoms for this maternity photoshoot in Toowoomba.

New mum anticipating her newborn child under cherry blossoms captured by Toowoomba maternity photographer, Hikari.

Outfit choice

One of the highlights of a maternity session is picking your maternity dress. Chiemi loves the Reclamation Dresses (don’t we all!). We ordered a dress from Mama Rentals Dress Hire.
The whole process was a breeze. This is the Reclamation ‘Magic Maker’ Gown in ivory.

Gorgeous pregnant woman poses for her maternity pictures in cherry blossoms
I had to admire her; she stood, like a creature from another world, all graceful lines and delicate features, made more radiant by the power of true love as she reminisced on her journey that came with the challenges of life. She carried herself with the poise and elegance of royalty, every piece of her being the picture of femininity and the classic, timeless beauty that can only come from a pure heart. 

Maternity photoshoot in Toowoomba

Chiemi has ties to Japan, thus she was completely at home in the Japanese garden. 

Like many expectant mothers, she expressed insecurities about stepping in front of my lens, but the camera only captures truth. Chiemi was the picture of elegance, a quiet confidence shining through. Her floral lace dress had tasseled sleeves that complimented the glossy waves of her hair, the details hinting at royalty. Chiemi was truly the queen of the garden, her every move touched with a grace and feminine charm unique to the beauty of an expectant mother. 

The couple quickly opened up as we chatted and laughed throughout the session. Half way through the shoot Chiemi said softly, “it’s so good to be directed by you, we wouldn’t know what we should be doing at all otherwise.” Steal my ‘maternity posing guide’ here!

Cherry blossoms in Toowoomba

There was something poignant about the petals that fluttered to the ground as we walked beneath them. Cherry blossoms symbolise new beginnings, new life in the Japanese culture. It also symbolises nobility, strength, sacrifices of femininity.

Cherry blossoms “sakura” season is as fleeting as it is lovely, a reflection of the brief season of anticipation during pregnancy for Chiemi and her husband. 

Chiemi, thank you for allowing me the privilege of capturing this sweet, fleeting season of life for you in the Japanese Gardens. I hope this Cherry Blossom Maternity Photoshoot in Toowoomba was a memorable experience for you and hubby.

I can’t wait to meet you baby girl in our newborn session!



FAQs About Doing a Cherry Blossom Maternity Photoshoot in Toowoomba

  1. When do the cherry blossoms bloom?

Early September is when they come around in Toowomba. They only last for about 2 weeks.

2. When should I book in for my maternity session?

I would recommend to book when you are 28-34 weeks pregnant, as that’s when the belly bump is definitely there, and you won’t be too uncomfortable walking around during the photoshoot.

3. How much is travel to Toowoomba?

$70 travel fee applies.

See pricing guide and more of my maternity work here!

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