Preparing For Your Brisbane Fresh 48 Photography In Hospital

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a momentous occasion, and capturing those first precious hours with a Fresh 48 session is a beautiful way to preserve these memories. As a newborn photographer in Brisbane, I’m here to guide you through preparing for your Brisbane Fresh 48 Photography, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here’s everything you need to know, from what to pack in your hospital bag to the benefits of our complimentary client wardrobe and additional services.

Tender moments of a family holding their newborn baby at Mater Mothers Hospital in Brisbane during a Fresh 48 photography session.

When to schedule in a fresh 48 session?

I recommend booking in by your due date. I book 3 newborn sessions per month only so please don’t leave it to last minute. Typically at private hospitals it will be 4-5 nights stay. We will schedule our session in the day time during that time.

What if I need time to recover?

It’s okay to change your mind. Fresh48 can be difficult for mums who have just had a C-section. I recommend changing to an in-home session if it doesn’t work out.

Complimentary Mum and Newborn Client Wardrobe

To help make your Fresh 48 session stress-free and memorable, I offer a complimentary client wardrobe. This means you don’t need to worry about bringing special outfits for your baby or yourself. Our wardrobe includes a selection of soft, neutral-toned baby gowns, swaddles, and outfits for parents that photograph beautifully. Although, usually with Fresh 48 sessions the hospital swaddle is perfect for baby. My client wardrobe is designed to make you feel comfortable and look your best without the hassle of packing extra clothes.

This mum is wearing Hazel & Folk’s Emmaline gown.

Newborn baby in hospital: Fresh 48 Photography at Mater Hospital, Brisbane

Makeup and Hair Services

Looking and feeling your best during your Fresh 48 session is important, especially after the incredible journey of childbirth. That’s why I provide makeup and hair services to new mothers. Having trained in Korea as a makeup and hair stylist I will come to your hospital room with my makeup kit and hair curler to ensure you feel pampered and camera-ready. This service is designed to be quick and non-intrusive, giving you a little extra confidence in front of the camera.

5 Things to Bring in Your Hospital Bag For Fresh48 Newborn Photos (that I will also bring)

Packing for the hospital can be overwhelming, so here are five essential items to include in your hospital bag to prepare for your Brisbane Fresh 48 Photography:

  1. Dry shampoo: You may not get the chance to shower the day before our session. I also respect some cultural beliefs in not washing your hair postpartum. I will bring some powdered dry shampoo so your hair can look fresh too.
  2. Personal Care Items: I will bring mascara and lip products, but if you prefer your own, you can bring them.
  3. Baby Essentials: While we provide a client wardrobe, don’t forget to pack a few personal items for your baby, such as diapers, wipes, and any special keepsakes or heirloom items you might want in the photos.
  4. Foundation & concealer: Good skin is the fundamental to glowy skin in photos. I will make you look like a Korean actress with my makeup skills!
Fresh 48 Photography at Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane: a hospital photoshoot by newborn photographer Hikari Lifestyle Photography.
Brisbane Fresh 48 Photography: Mater Mothers Hospital capturing a newborn baby's details.

Korean Makeup Specialist – Hikari Makeup Artistry

I am a qualified makeup artist trained in Korea. I love providing makeup and hair services to mothers to pamper them and make them feel beautiful. Having professional makeup and hair done can elevate the entire experience! When you book with me, I will help you look like a Korean idol with my skills and technique! This Mum below had her hair curled and makeup done with me before our session in hospital!

Including Extended Family in Hospital Newborn Photos

A Fresh 48 session primarily focuses on the new baby and immediate family, but we understand how important extended family can be during this special time. We can arrange to include extended family members towards the end of the session to ensure mum isn’t overwhelmed. This allows for grandparents, siblings, or other close relatives to join in the joy without exhausting the new mother.

Why Hospital Newborn Shoot?

Your Brisbane Fresh 48 photography newborn session in the hospital is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture the raw, emotional, and beautiful moments shortly after your baby’s birth. With our complimentary client wardrobe, makeup and hair services, and a little preparation on your part, your session will be smooth and enjoyable. Remember to pack the essentials and consider including extended family members towards the end of the session for a complete family experience. Contact me to book your session! I look forward to helping you preserve these precious memories in Brisbane.

Intimate moments of a mum and newborn baby at Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane, captured with Fresh 48 photography.

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